Welcome to KPP Group

The KPP Group has its origins in the once famous family business Horana Picture Palace (HPP) first established in 1966 in the town of Horana providing traditional bespoke picture framing services to the public. Over the years, the company grew to become a trading organization which was the leading importer of flat glass between 1994 and 1998 in Sri Lanka according to customs statistics. <Readmore>

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Company Culture

Company cultures represent the inner quality & core values of a company. The values of the KPPGROUP give rise to and influence the behaviour of employees. We have reached a point where we need to think about how we can sustain the momentum we have created. We need to examine our direction of travel and decide what our organisation wants to be in the future. In short, we need to address the challenge of taking our business to the next level. Our values are a key part of how we achieve that goal.

Our values

Integrity – we always do what is right

Integrity is about how we behave as individuals and, by extension, as a company. It’s about the personal and corporate code and ethics each of us lives by.

  • We are fair and open with everyone
  • We keep our promises
  • We support everyone for doing the right thing

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